Social Media Management

Social media is a continually evolving sector in public relations strategy and at FORWARD we can assist in content planning, creation and social media management for your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The importance of social media in your brands communication arsenal should not be underestimated, as increasingly consumers look to engage with brands and expect free two-way communication at all hours of the day. Instant and personable interaction is immensely valuable in creating brand loyalty or even ‘fans’, although bad community management on social media can also have a disastrously damaging effect on your reputation and customer relations.

Australia is home to over 13.5 million active Facebook users, 4 million monthly active Instagrammers and 4.5 million professionals on LinkedIn. With staggering numbers like these, social media is well and truly a powerful vehicle for crisis management, new announcements or even a way to express your brands personality to connect with consumers.

Social media also drives authenticity and name recognition, particularly when outreaching to millennial’s; whose lives are in most instances fully integrated with social media. Essentially, an active social media presence is a priceless commodity in monitoring and managing the online conversation surrounding your brand, company or industry.